World Architecture Festival (WAF) celebrates architectural excellence from across the globe each year, not only through comprehensive exhibitions, talks and seminars but also with presenting awards in various categories. This year EAA-Emre Arolat Architecture has been shortlisted in 6 categories by 6 different projects. The projects will be presented to the jury by the EAA-Emre Arolat Architecture team and will take part in the exhibition during the World Architecture Festival in Berlin between 15-17 November 2017. 1. Abdullah Gül Presidential Museum and Library – New and Old (Completed) 2. BerKM – Bergama Cultural Center – Culture (Completed) 3. Göksu Residences – Residential (Future) 4. Liget Budapest Museum of Ethnography – Culture (Future) 5. Tehran Mixed Use Complex – Commercial Mixed Use (Future) 6. Kazan Mixed Use Complex – Leisure-Led Development (Future) See also     Read more
We are happy to share new photographs of our BerKM – Bergama Cultural Center, which opend to the public in October 2016.   Today, two different images exist together in Bergama. One of them is the ancient city of Pergamon. The acropolis presents the physical appearance of a city culture built upon a rooted civilization. In contrast, the city of Bergama today, laying below Acropolis, displays a rather rural city texture. The urban texture of a typical small town started yielding itself to apartments. Is there any possibility to consider a relationship between the Acropolis and Bergama? The question waits for the description of a place that will host Bergama’s cultural life without avoiding the memory of the place.   photocredit @Studio Majo/Engin Gerçek     Read more
We are honored to receive The Plan Award 2017 in Future – Transport Category with Çukurova Regional Airport Complex Read more
Add to your Collection; Divisare featured our AGU Sümer Campus in Kayseri. Follow the link to read the full article   Read more
We are happy to be at Divisare with Abdullah Gül Presidential Museum and Library. Follow the link to read the full article Read more
Pick up the May issue of Architectural Record Magazine! We’re thrilled to be part with Maslak No.1 Tower. “A tower in Istanbul with a curvilinear exterior conceals a straightforward office building” … Visit the link to read the full article.   Read more
On the 26 of April, Emre Arolat participated at the ‘Symposium on Restoration and Conservation of Traditional Timber, Structures 5’ at Istanbul Conrad Hotel Bosphorus. Read more
Emre Arolat gave a speech at the award ceremony of “Design Sustainable Future” on 06 April 2017 at TED Rönesans College. Read more


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Here is the second teaser of ‘Contrasts’. See you at the 7th of Lincoln 1111 tonight!   Read more
Have a look at the teaser of “Contrasts” See the full movie on the 7th floor of Lincoln 1111, Miami Beach on the 23rd! Read more
With “Contrasts” we will be on the 7th floor of Lincoln 1111 Miami between 23-25 February, at Complements and Dichotomies Exhibition Read more
On Saturday, 4th of February at 15:00, Emre Arolat will be attending the panel discussion Media&Architecture at Salt Galata in parallel to the ‘300 Issues/27 Years/1 Magazine/Arredamento(Dekorasyon+Mimarlık)’ exhibiton. The panel will be moderated by Banu Binat and Emre Arolat will be participating along with Suha Özkan and Uğur Tanyeli. Read more
Each year, the Cité de l’architecture et du Patrimoine organizes a series of lectures calles “Les Entretiens de Chaillot” that presents through an international overview the major benchmarks of modern architecture. In his lecture “Context and Plurality”, Emre Arolat will talk about the general tendencies of EAA’s design approach with a critical reading of today’s climate in architecture&design, followed by a series of recent EAA projects in detail. The event will be taking place today at 19:00 at Palais de Cahillot in Paris. Read more
Emre Arolat will be attending the panel discussion on Istanbul And Housing Culture; Change,Transformation,Continuity organized by  IAPS Culture and Space Network at Ozyegin University. Read more
Bergama Cultural Center (BerKM) in İzmir opened its doors to public on 8 October 2016. Read more
The winners of World Architecture Community Awards 23rd Cycle are announced and EAA receives a total of 6 awards… Sancaklar Mosque in Istanbul received 2 World Architecture Community Awards 10+5 in the Realised category and Antakya Museum Hotel was selected both by the jury and community members to receive 2 awards in the Designed category. Also EAA’s Abdullah Gül Presidential Museum and Library in Kayseri and Yalıkavak Palmarina in Bodrum, both won the votes of the jury and were awarded with one World Architecture Community Awards 10+5 each, in the Realised category. Read more
The world’s largest international gathering of architects, WAF (World Architecture Festival), consisting of awards, conferences and exhibitions will be held for the first time in Berlin between 16-18 November 2016. This year EAA -Emre Arolat Architecture is shortlisted with 8 projects… Bunyan Kultepe Village – Education (Future) Expo Milano Turkish Pavillion – Competition Entries (Future) Guggenheim Helsinki Museum – Competition Entries (Future) Muscat 1129 – Residential (Future) Office Tower in Istanbul – Office (Future) Osmangazi City Piazza Urban Design – Master Planning (Future) Read more
Everytime I come here I think the Biennales are getting less and less meaningful. The weather is great… I don’t feel like going to the Arsenale at all. It is prosecco day today. We’ll think about tomorrow later. The world has become such an interesting place. Abba is playing in San Marco. Money money money! Read more
First thing we do will be to go to the Arsenale with my friends who have arrived a couple of days ago. It is time to leave the exhausted and reckless attitude behind. I am really curious about the performance of Darzana, the only actor of the Turkish Pavillion, as an installation piece. The photos I have seen are quite promising. When I had first heard of the project, I had thought that its conceptual background was quite strong. A nice gesture from an old and unused shipyard Haliç to Arsenale, another old shipyard which embraces a different identity today. Although I have not yet seen the exhibition or the Darzana itself, I can easily talk about the reception given in the honour of it in the magnificent ballroom of Hotel Monaco. It was quite an impeccable reception apart from the heat as it got more and more crowded and the risotto which was a little more runny than it should have been. The architectural celebrities of our neighborhood were there in full force. The art world owes a lot to Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts. However I really was not expecting to see Paul Finch coming in in […] Read more
Starting the tour from Arsenale again. It has turned into a habit. How many times have I been to the Venice Biennale? I guess I don’t want to think about it. Were previews always this crowded? It is very hot and humid. Weather App says it is 21 degrees but it definitely feels 30. Alejandro Aravena arrives at the same time as us. And starts addressing the crowd gathering around him. Unfortunately in Spanish. Trying to understand won’t make sense. I dive into the darkness. The theme is quite intense, I think to myself. Reporting from the front is not an issue that can be handled easily. It is hard to stay away from cliches, especially trying not to fall into shiny and attractive traps of populism is tricky. A large banner with tiny letters welcomes me. ‘Is it possible to create a public space in a private commision?’ Come on. I have been cursed at so many times because I wanted to perform the profession of architecture in a way to bring a positive outcome to this question. Another question follows: ‘Is it possible to minimize the impact of building in a public space?’ Of course it is I […] Read more