We are honored to receive The Plan Award 2017 in Future – Transport Category with Çukurova Regional Airport Complex Read More
Add to your Collection; Divisare featured our AGU Sümer Campus in Kayseri. Follow the link to read the full article https://divisare.com/projects/343896-eaa-emre-arolat-architecture-cemal-emden-studio-majo-agu-sumer-campus   Read More
We are happy to be at Divisare with Abdullah Gül Presidential Museum and Library. Follow the link to read the full article https://divisare.com/projects/343437-eaa-emre-arolat-architecture-cemal-emden-hadiye-cangokce-abdullah-gul-presidential-museum-and-library Read More
Pick up the May issue of Architectural Record Magazine! We’re thrilled to be part with Maslak No.1 Tower. “A tower in Istanbul with a curvilinear exterior conceals a straightforward office building” … Visit the link to read the full article. http://www.architecturalrecord.com/topics/1617-emre-arolat-architecture   Read More
On the 26 of April, Emre Arolat participated at the ‘Symposium on Restoration and Conservation of Traditional Timber, Structures 5’ at Istanbul Conrad Hotel Bosphorus. Read More
Emre Arolat gave a speech at the award ceremony of “Design Sustainable Future” on 06 April 2017 at TED Rönesans College. http://www.arkitera.com/haber/28663/ronesans-in-gencleri-gelecegi-tasarliyor Read More
Have a look at the teaser of “Contrasts” See the full movie on the 7th floor of Lincoln 1111, Miami Beach on the 23rd! Read More
With “Contrasts” we will be on the 7th floor of Lincoln 1111 Miami between 23-25 February, at Complements and Dichotomies Exhibition Read More
On Saturday, 4th of February at 15:00, Emre Arolat will be attending the panel discussion Media&Architecture at Salt Galata in parallel to the ‘300 Issues/27 Years/1 Magazine/Arredamento(Dekorasyon+Mimarlık)’ exhibiton. The panel will be moderated by Banu Binat and Emre Arolat will be participating along with Suha Özkan and Uğur Tanyeli. Read More
Each year, the Cité de l’architecture et du Patrimoine organizes a series of lectures calles “Les Entretiens de Chaillot” that presents through an international overview the major benchmarks of modern architecture. In his lecture “Context and Plurality”, Emre Arolat will talk about the general tendencies of EAA’s design approach with a critical reading of today’s climate in architecture&design, followed by a series of recent EAA projects in detail. The event will be taking place today at 19:00 at Palais de Cahillot in Paris. Read More