Ankara Koparan Yerlesimi_02
Ankara Koparan Housing Complex

Ankara, Turkey

In the southern Ankara; nowadays ‘the center of a rapid urbanization’, and next to the Gö

lbaşı Special Environmental Protection area including Mogan&Eymir Lakes; an important asset in terms of fauna and flora, Koparan is a still virgin land surrounded by small villages located sparsely in the geography.

Seeing the topography as a natural source of attraction, the initial idea was to rehabilitate the creek area into an ecological and eventful strip surrounded by continuous green bands and pedestrian paths forming a scenery at the base of the hill opt for triggering the development of an environmentally and socio-culturally sustainable community.

With 120ha for 22, 000 new habitants, the overall organization of the scheme plays on creating different phases cut with the central north-south green band that forms a continuous internal promenade linking the individual plazas and the housing clusters to the creek area. Looking from the creek, a hillside townscape hits the eye where housing rows are organized in road/backyard/house hierarchy and cut with courtyards to involve cultural and commercial activities. The so called “town” texture melts into a more rural one at the very south where in the absence of a real density, the scene displays a similarity to the site’s surroundings. Opposing this, it gradually turns into a more centralized urban one at the north where a higher density allows public plazas to become the center of attention for the planned business district as well as the household living.

The architectural language that almost dissolves within the green infrastructure and the differentiation in density intends to attract a wide variety of people aiming to show what a sustainable future would look like for different population groups.